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24mm edition Apocalypse 25 RDA is a 24mm diameter RDA that improved or changed from Apocalypse 25 RDA. 25mm RDA is popular in the EU, USA or not, we are not sure! But it is for sure that 24mm RDA will be much better selling in the Southeast Asia countries. So, 24mm edition shares the same structure and appearance with Apocalypse 25 RDA.


Basis Information of 24mm Edition Apocalypse 25 RDA:

  1. 24mm diameter
  2. Made of stainless steel
  3. Resin drip tip
  4. Corrosion technology made the logo on the middle cap
  5. Laser logo on the bottom of the deck
  6. Single or dual airflow option
  7. 5mm airflow holes
  8. 4mm deep juice well
  9. 7mm build clamps
  10. Classic Apocalypse clamps with recessed screws
  11. Locking cap
  12. 25mm total height
  13. BF pin
  14. Changed from Apocalypse 25 RDA
  15. Plastic box as the package
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